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Medical Applied Psychology
The Mind & Body Connection
It’s a proven fact that emotional stress lowers the immune system. Just as students may experience illness more frequently during exam times, people affected by terminal illness can enjoy a better quality of life if they are surrounded by the love of friends and family. Along the same lines, those recuperating from an injury or illness recover more quickly if their emotional state is stronger. This intricate connection between the mind and body is undeniable, creating a need to address both physical and emotional well being when a person is faced with a serious illness of injury.

Research confirms that Medical Psychology plays a critical role in helping people recover from serious injury and illness, while helping to avoid future health problems. Treatment can improve relationships that have been strained by the circumstances of the injury or illness. Productivity and mood can be improved, and clients can also learn to manage stress and cope with the range of emotions experienced during the course of their illness.

It just not work to treat a person physically when an injury or illness affects the whole person.

Medical Applied Psychology aims to help the client recognize their unique challenges and teach them to cope with these challenges, whether physical or emotional. But most importantly, it can help the client learn to regain control over his or her life and condition.

The goal is to help the client become an active participant in his or her health. He or she can be helped to figure out how to take responsibility for their actions and rely on himself or herself as much as possible.
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